Group Personal

Specialising in group personal training we have with the most extensive, family friendly and flexible timetable in Bayside available for you. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, our training sessions cater for all fitness levels and you can guarantee our group is extremely friendly.

We love being Bayside and we love the outdoors. This is why our timetable allows you to train at picturesque Hampton beach foreshore, Hampton life saving club and have our indoor strength training sessions at Recreation Hampton. Giving you a well balanced routine of outdoor and studio conditioning training each week.

We have group personal training memberships available for:

  • Individual adults, teenagers and the whole family

  • Local Bayside businesses

  • Groups of friends for extra motivation

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MSHF Group Personal Training - more than just training

The most extensive, flexible and family-friendly group personal training timetable in Bayside. Membership options available for individual adults, teenagers and the whole family.

All group personal training memberships and session passes include:

  • access to all MSHF group personal training sessions each week at Re-creation, Hampton lifesaving club and Hampton beach foreshore.

  • access to Re-creation Trackside health club outside of MSHF training sessions.

  • weekly healthy family friendly recipes from the Family Food Store

  • FREE quarterly physio check-ups with Davids Adams

  • no ‘lock-in periods’ ever; no maximum suspension periods or fees; and no bookings required.

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MSHF Membership Options

Individual adult/teenagers membership - $59 weekly

  • Adult unlimited access - $59 weekly

  • Adult 10 session pass - $240 / 20 session pass - $440

  • Teenager 10 session pass - $180

Family memberships - SPECIAL $99 weekly!

  • 2 adults (couples) unlimited access - $99 weekly

  • Whole family unlimited access - Special! Only $99 weekly (normally $109)

    - available for up to 2 adults & 3 children

Friends membership - $132 weeekly ($44pp)

Three is not a crowd! It is motivating and keeps you accountable. Join our training as group of three friends for a significant saving and full access to MSHF membership benefits.

Local Bayside business membership - $149 weekly

Are you a local Bayside business? This is a great team building membership to promote wellbeing, community and fun within your workplace for up to 4 team members.

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Partnership with Re-creation Trackside Hampton

Our partnership with our good friends at Re-creation Trackside Hampton means you never have to worry about missing a session.

If you are busy and unable to make any MSHF group personal training sessions you have the opportuniy to utilise and access the brand new Re-creation facility outside of MSHF operated sessions.