We at MSHF believe everything you do in life needs to align, therefore we look at a wholistic approach to your training where we also love to incorporate nutrition,  community catch ups and an amazing New Year challenge and Winter challenge.

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MSHF Active Meal Boxes

We believe that there is a huge importance on life balance and the role of nutrition in our lives. Hence why we started MSHF Active Meal Food Boxes, a meal kit delivery service which conveniently provides you with 3 ready-to-make meals each week delivered straight to your front door. We provide clean and nutritious meals for active people on the go

Check out the link below if you want to know more about our clean and nutritious couples meal boxes.


Recipe of the week - Hoisin chicken with rice noodles

Want some healthy family cooking inspiration this week? Check out our nutritious recipe of the week, thanks to the Family Food Store.


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Community Catch ups

Each term MSHF hold community catch ups where it gives you the chance to have a coffee or drink with your fellow training buddies. We believe there is a huge importance on social interaction/relationships, so getting together each term at these events helps with your training also. Not only do we provide the coffees at the morning catch up or the drinks at the evening catch up we also give you updates on upcoming new and exciting events. 

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New Year Challenge

The New Year Challenge is undoubtedly the best way to kick-start the new year and ensure you achieve the results you want in 2019!

No other lifestyle program provides so much support, motivation and fun…results are absolutely guaranteed or you train for free!


Winter Challenge

The 5 Week Winter Challenge the perfect way to feel motivated, lean and full of energy over the winter period. Yes it's possible! Let us show you how and guarantee the results you desire during winter.


Supporting local schools & community groups

We are all about supporting our local Bayside schools and community groups.

If you have an upcoming local fundraiser or event, we would love to assist with prizes or donations. Let us know the details by clicking the link below.